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Course Description

AWR-147 - Rail Car Incident Response

The AWR 147 Rail Car Incident Response course has been developed to educate emergency responders on freight rail car incidents involving hazardous materials. As more and more rail traffic transports cargo, including hazardous materials, it is critical that emergency responders are well trained. The increase in traffic adds to the already present risk of transportation incidents involving hazardous cargo. In addition, since a majority of the rail traffic travels through rural America, it is important that the often times resource limited rural responder community become educated about the dangers and unique hazards presented with rail cars. The information covered in this course will enhance the ability of emergency responders, especially rural emergency responders, to help mitigate a rail car incident by determining complexity and understanding resources needed to remediate the emergency.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize the chemical being transported, which has physical, chemical, and toxicological properties that dictate the transportation requirements and the manner in which the chemical must be considered in an emergency situation
  • Identify the packaging system, which is reflected in the design and construction of the rail tank car, and the components of the rail car as well as all the information conveyed in the car stenciling
  • Explain the incident to determine the damage to the car and the potential hazard to people, property, and the environment from the release or reaction of the chemical and to take appropriate protective action
  • Recognize the appropriate and safest handling method of the chemical in the damaged car to mitigate the situation, whether by transfer, neutralization, venting, flaring, etc., and understanding these options
  • Recognize the many conflicting interests represented by all the potential participants at an incident
  • Identify federal, state and private sector resources available to assist in the response

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Participant must be a U.S. citizen

IS 100: Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 8.00
Provider: RDPC - Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium
Sponsor: FEMA
Disciplines: Emergency Medical Service
Fire Service
Government Administration
Law Enforcement
Public Safety Communications
Public Works

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