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Advanced Professional Series (APS)
The ability to perform essential work in a disaster requires skills in emergency operations and management. These skills may be developed through this series of courses that offers "how to" training focused on practical information. This new series emphasizes applied skills in disaster operations, alongside of and building on Professional Development Series management and coordination skills.

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Required Courses:
EOC Management and Operations G775 or IS775
- Incident Command System/Emergency Operations Center Interface, G191
Rapid Assessment Workshop, G557 Workshop: Local Situation (RAPID) Assessment (G250.7)
- Recovery from Disaster, the Local Government Role, G205 or L205, or E210
- Mitigation for Emergency Managers, G393 or Mitigation for Emergency Managers, G318 

- Elective Courses (choose any 5):
- Donations Management Workshop, G288 
- Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools, L/G364
NIMS Resource Management, IS-703.a
Debris Management, G202 
        or E202 Debris Management Planning for State, Local and Tribal Officials
- Mass Fatalities, G386
- Flood Fight Operations, G361 
- Emergency Management Operations Course for Local Governments, G110 
        or one of the following IEMC courses E900, E905, E910, E915, E920, E930
- Community Mass Care Management, G108
- Evacuation and Re-entry Planning, G358
- Basic Public Information Officers, G290
        or E388 Advanced Public Information Officer
Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness, G271 
        or Anticipating Hazardous Weather and Community Risk, IS271.a , Warning Coordination, G272
- Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) E/L/G 146
Planning for the Needs of Children in Disaster, G366
- Emergency Planning, G235



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